I wrote a story about Guy Ravey, an airline pilot in Chapter 2. After his grandfathers’ passing, Guy had attained information through flight logbooks that his grandfather received PT-17 Stearman training in 1943. Guy found out through a FAA website that the exact plane is currently being operated in Oklahoma. Guy contacted Kevin, the current Stearman pilot and asked if he could come to Oklahoma and see the aircraft his grandfather flew and trained in 1943. Kevin said, “Anytime.” However, it was during the pandemic of 2020, so it was postponed.

Two weeks prior to the book release in August 2021, Kevin informed me that Guy was bringing his family to Oklahoma to see the plane that his grandfather flew. Guy arrived with his boys, his cousin and his mom. As we walked to the plane Kevin told me to get my camera ready because he was going to let Guy sit in the seat where his grandfather sat 78 years ago. After a few tears of joy, Guy gained his composure and started the engine. The sound of the radial engine was music to all of our ears including Guy and his mom. Kevin hopped in the cockpit and off they flew on a beautiful clear day for flying!

After they landed Guy was speechless and watched his mom enter the front seat with thumbs up and proclaiming, “Daddy sat here, Daddy sat here!” It was hard for me to hold back the tears as she and Kevin lifted off the ground on takeoff. Guy looked at me and said I can’t believe mom got in that open cockpit plane and was grinning from ear to ear.